Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol - "The Main Event"

I think I predicted we would see the two David's in the finale. I thought the boxing theme was horribly cheesy... I felt embarrassed for DC. He seems like he is so over all this hoopla...

I thought all three performances (from both contestants) were top notch! Although I didn't care for the cheesy American Idol songs they sang, both did well with them. I was really happy DC sang a new third song. I haven't heard "The World I Know" since high school, and I thought he did a GREAT job - as always. I think learning a new song really showed his talent and willingness to push himself. Simon disagreed with me... not uncommon... I wanted to cry when DC teared up. I wonder if the song has some special meaning to him, or if the magnitude of it being his last AI performance and knowing that America was watching was all just enough to start the waterworks? Whatever it was, I thought is showed a tender side of DC that made me love him even more!

DA sang "Imagine" again, and I guess I don't blame him. He won over the hearts of tweens and grannies across America the last time he sang it. It wasn't as magical for me this time around though.

As much as it hurts to say this, I think DA will win American Idol. In my opinion, DC is a much better singer, but everyone doesn't agree with me. As I mentioned, DA is LOVED by much of the female population, and I feel that the group who loves him so much is much more likely to spend a lot of time voting for him that the DC fans. And I actually think DC is really OK with that. He is a cool guy, and I think he knows he will make it in this business whether he wins AI or not. I think he will be every bit as successful DA, maybe more so...

So, that is my prediction for tonight. I think DA will win and DC will genuinely be happy for him, because he is that kind of guy! And, because he knows now that he really doesn't have to have this to be a star!

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laurajeanette said...

For DC crying, I think his older brother was in the audience. I'm not sure, but I heard he was.

As for Archuleta singing "Imagine," supposedly it was because he couldn't get rights issues worked out with the other songs he wanted to sing and had to go with a song that AI already had the rights for.

I can see DC being the next "runner-up" who does better than the winner - Clay, Chris, Jennifer.