Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Most FUN you've ever had on-line

Ya'll, this is the most fun I have had on-line in a LONG TIME!!! Go to www.yearbookyourself.com. Upload a picture of yourself and viola! Such fun!!!









Monday, August 25, 2008

Snake Slayer

A couple of weekends ago Curtis and I were working in the yard. JC and I were pulling weeds in the front yard while Curtis was weed eating around the pool in the back yard. Curtis walked around to join us in the yard and I noticed he was holding something up. Ya'll, it was a snake... a very tiny one... but a snake nonetheless. It was probably about 4 inches long. We looked at if for a few minutes and then Curtis disposed of it and we all went back to our business.

About ten minutes later he came back and asked me if he could borrow my hoe. "Wow," I thought to myself, "he is really doing some serious work back there." Minutes later, he returned with another snake (the same kind as before) but longer - about 9 inches. He had used my hoe to chop its head off and was carrying it on the blade. Nice. At this time I began to FREAK OUT!!! Two snakes in one day?! After we had recuperated from heart palpitations we each went back to our respective tasks.

When he came back with two more snakes on the hoe (around 8-10" each) I jumped up and wondered if I was safe sitting on the walk in our front yard. Apparently he had disturbed a bed of snakes that had taken up residence around our pool. He killed a total of six that day - all babies, all quite small... but snakes, ya'll... SNAKES!!!

I am not sure what kind they are... People have said they are harmless, and I know that none of the ones we saw were even big enough to think of biting us, but isn't the mom somewhere around? Have any of you had problems with snakes before? Any suggestions? Our lot is right in front of a city drainage ditch and I am sure that is why we are having these problems, but I do not know how much more my poor heart can take.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Long time... no post

Whew!!! Girl Scouts are back in full swing, and it is my busiest time of year at work. Thus my lack of blogging recently. But, I have been keeping up with most of you guys. It is easier to take 5 minutes and check the blogs of friends than to actually type out and post a blog of my own. I realize you folks have probably been wondering what has been going on in the Robertson household, so here goes...

Curtis gave his testimony at our evening service on July 20 and he did awesome!!!Curtis is growing so much in his faith. He was led to attend a lay speaker's training last fall, and when he came back our pastor asked him to speak for a Sunday evening service. His point was how we all need to use the gifts God has given us - no matter how big or small - to further His Kingdom. He was SO NERVOUS, but you could see a transformation in him (the Holy Spirit) about 3 minutes into his speech. He became SO relaxed and actually went 10 minutes over his allotted time. Ha! I am sure he will be asked to fill in again because of how well he did.

On August 2 I went to Eupora to work on Class Reunion stuff and spend some time with Mom and Dad. (Curtis worked that day.) That night when JC were on our way back home a horrible storm blew up out of no where. It was lightning so fast it was like a strobe light all around me. It was really scary, and since I was on the Natchez Trace I decided to call Curtis and Mom and Dad and ask them to pray for us since we were driving in such horrendous weather. I had slowed my car to between 35 and 40 mph because it was raining so hard. JC was sleeping - thank goodness - because otherwise he would have been very scared. I was creeping along and suddenly I had run over a tree that had fallen in the road. I was on top of if before I even saw it. It had been so hot that day that the cool raining hitting the HOT road made for a nasty, dense fog that had prevented me from seeing it. I just knew I had torn my car to shreds. I put the car in park and got out to survey the damage. JC didn't wake up until he heard the car door open and I told him to sit tight. He was really confused as to why Mama was getting out in the rain in the middle of the road, but he didn't question it. I grabbed my umbrella and jumped out, but I soon realized the umbrella was doing me no good with the rain blowing in from every direction so I ditched it and got soaked. The front and back wheels of my car were still straddling the tree at this point and I realized I was going to have to back off of it to get my car out of the road. I didn't see any damage to my car but I was still on the tree so I wasn't sure. I got back in the car and backed ever so slowly off of the tree and onto the side of the road. When I did I heard all sorts of grinding and I just knew the whole undercarriage of the car and the tires (which are less than a month old btw) were mangled. I jumped back out to look at the car again and still couldn't see any issues with it so I got back in the car to try to figure out what to do. I tried to explain what had happened to the confused little boy in the back and grabbed my cell phone. My prayer was answered... I hadn't gotten so far up the Trace that I had gotten into the dead Cellular South area. I knew I was still closer to Mom and Dad than I was to home so I called them. You know how when you are upset, but you are still managing to barely hold it together and then you hear the voice of Mom or Dad and you lose it? That is exactly what happened. Dad answered immediately. I had already called and told them I was scared of driving in the weather and to pray for me, so he was probably holding the phone waiting for me to call. There was alarm in his voice when answered, and I lost it. The first thing I told him was that we were both fine but I wasn't sure about my car. He was on his way to help me survey the damage. So, I crawled in the backseat to wait with JC and let him sit in my lap. My boy amazed me then... I was still crying a little from talking to Daddy. JC just hugged on me and petted me and said, "Mama, you're all wet..." Sweet little angel!!! A few minutes later I saw headlights coming and I realized they wouldn't see the tree either even though I was pulled off the road and had my flashers on. So, I jumped out and flagged them down. Sure enough, they hadn't seen it either. They were an older couple - maybe 10 years older than my parents. The nice gentleman jumped out thinking he might be able to move the tree out of the road, but soon realized there was no way that all three of us working together could move it. So, he called the road crew... I hadn't even thought of that yet. Then, they told me they would wait with me until my dad got there. We talked for a moment and I found out they go to our church but we had never met them before. They pulled ahead and waited. Just the presence of their tail lights was comforting on the Natchez Trace on a dark, stormy night. Amazing how God sends guardian angels when we need them! The couple told me the next day at church that they had a daughter about my age and that they always worried about her when she was driving alone on the trace, so they were happy to sit and wait with me. Not much later, a road crew arrived and I was amazed that they had the tree cut into about 8 pieces and thrown off to the side of the road in less than ten minutes and were on their way. I later found out there were five more trees down between there and Tupelo that night. Then, Daddy arrived. He hugged me tightly first, and then began checking out the car. He got in my driver's seat and told me follow him in his truck. He drove the car about 5 miles, slowing down, speeding up, stomping the breaks, etc to check out the functionality of the car. It seemed to be working fine, he told me later. So, then he had me drive it and he followed me. Amazingly I didn't hear the grinding any more. (I think that had been tree limbs falling out from under the car and around the tires.) Everything seemed to be fine. We both looked all around the car and couldn't even find any scratches. I later found a few small scratches and a nice dent under the front of the car, but no big deal. I was SO LUCKY!!! God bless my sweet Daddy for coming and checking out my car for me before I continued on the 40 more miles I had to drive home. Scary night, but it made me realize just how lucky I am to have a Lord who always takes care of me, especially on dark and stormy nights!

This weekend we are heading to Florida to visit the FL Harrisons. I cannot wait! My Mom is going with us and she and JC will have a blast! I have heard that the seaweed and jellyfish have been bad recently so I am hoping we can even get any time surfside. We are planning to take JC and his little cousin to the Gulfarium and some other fun stuff while we are there. It should be a great little, mini vacay!!!

Are you guys watching the Olympics? WOW!!! I have always LOVED the games! When I was explaining the significance of the Olympics to JC I told him to pay close attention because he wouldn't get to see them again until he is seven years old. He thought that was neat. We have LOVED watching Michael Phelps make history!!! The men's 400 meter relay the other night was AWESOME!!! We also LOVE the gymnastics. It was so neat watching the US men win their bronze when the weren't even expecting to get on the medal stand. Then, my heart broke watching Alicia Sacromone fall apart last night and seeing the American women lose gold to the Chinese. I know Sacromone blames herself, but it would have been hard to beat the Chinese even if everything had been perfect. I just felt really bad for her. I know her nerves got the best of her after her first mistake and she just never recovered. I really hope she will win a medal when she competes on the vault. And little Shawn Johnson - WOW! What a spunky little thing she is. Nastia Liukin is beautiful. She is so graceful. Good luck girls! Can't wait to see you in the All-Around competition!

That is all for now. I am sure I will have beach pics and hopefully will find some time to share them with you next week!