Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love David Cook!

I am so glad my prediction was wrong! I love David Cook! When does the albun come out?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol - "The Main Event"

I think I predicted we would see the two David's in the finale. I thought the boxing theme was horribly cheesy... I felt embarrassed for DC. He seems like he is so over all this hoopla...

I thought all three performances (from both contestants) were top notch! Although I didn't care for the cheesy American Idol songs they sang, both did well with them. I was really happy DC sang a new third song. I haven't heard "The World I Know" since high school, and I thought he did a GREAT job - as always. I think learning a new song really showed his talent and willingness to push himself. Simon disagreed with me... not uncommon... I wanted to cry when DC teared up. I wonder if the song has some special meaning to him, or if the magnitude of it being his last AI performance and knowing that America was watching was all just enough to start the waterworks? Whatever it was, I thought is showed a tender side of DC that made me love him even more!

DA sang "Imagine" again, and I guess I don't blame him. He won over the hearts of tweens and grannies across America the last time he sang it. It wasn't as magical for me this time around though.

As much as it hurts to say this, I think DA will win American Idol. In my opinion, DC is a much better singer, but everyone doesn't agree with me. As I mentioned, DA is LOVED by much of the female population, and I feel that the group who loves him so much is much more likely to spend a lot of time voting for him that the DC fans. And I actually think DC is really OK with that. He is a cool guy, and I think he knows he will make it in this business whether he wins AI or not. I think he will be every bit as successful DA, maybe more so...

So, that is my prediction for tonight. I think DA will win and DC will genuinely be happy for him, because he is that kind of guy! And, because he knows now that he really doesn't have to have this to be a star!

"The Office" Season Finale

Well folks, I have finally gotten over the depression that set in minutes after "The Office" season finale wrapped up. I am ready to talk about it... I loved the finale for many reasons, but I was left feeling sad because we didn't get the JAM proposal we hoped for. More on that in a moment...

What I loved about this episode:
We got to see a JAM prank on Dwight. Even Jim's probation couldn't stop this one. I loved that they have once again caused Dwight to destroy another cell phone. Classic!

Michael's little happy dance across the office when he got there early for Toby's last day

Michael requesting an anti-gravity machine and Pam asking him how much anti-gravity potion he wanted

Michael's "foot money"

Pam and Jim celebrating her acceptance into design school, her talking head about things being "so solid with Jim" and the mention of future, little JAM babies :)

The character of Holly. I love that she is a professional woman, but she seems to really like Michael and get his sense of humor. This is what he needs. I hope she becomes a regular cast member, but I am not sure what the writers have up their sleeves for her.

Michael: "Is Holly our extraterrestrial? Maybe... Or maybe, she's just a really awesome woman from this planet."

Creed not knowing his job title: "Qua-, quar-, qual-, quab-, quabity assurance... no, but it's getting close."

Dwight's hazing prank on Holly about Kevin being slow - one of the funniest recurring parts of this episode... Kevin: "I do the numbers." HA HA HA!!!

Jim realizing that all of his firsts with Pam happened right there in the office and deciding on proposing that night. Jim: "I am going to propose tonight... Holy crap!"

Holly helping Kevin at the vending machine. "This is a button."

Jim telling Ryan off over voicemail

All the Michael and Holly interaction...

Jim giving Michael advice on how to handle things with Holly. I love anytime we get to see Jim taking care of Michael (or vice versa).

Michael: "Toby has been cruisin' for a bruisin' for 12 years, and I am now his cruise director, and my name is Captain Bruisin'."

All of Toby's exit interview: Michael to Holly: "Have you seen the baler?" (He loves that thing.) Michael to Toby: "I'll kill you." The "suck on this!" rock.

Everyone crowded around Jim's desk watching Ryan's arrest on Youtube and Creed yelling, "Look, it's the temp!"

Oscar: "The real crime, I think, was the beard." (I almost fell off the couch I was laughing so hard. Curtis and I have laughed at that beard all season.)

Jim's follow-up voicemail to Ryan: "You obviously have your hands tied."

Toby's party: Oh, there is so much... the bouncy house (Phyliss: "Kevin, take your shoes off fist."), Darryl's band (AWESOME!), the ferris wheel, Pam getting all excited about being proposed to when she saw the fireworks :(, Michael stifling a "That's what she said" while riding the ferris wheel with Holly, Mose, Michael: "Holly is the best thing that has happened to this company since World War II," Dwight about the raccoon: "It's not rabid," Michael's song to Toby (LOVED IT!!!)and Dwight rocking out as Michael sang.

Jan is preggo... I loved how happy Michael was at first because it has always been his dream to be a dad and how heartbroken he became as he realized he was only going to be "kind of a daddy." I love when we get to see real emotion from Michael who is usually such a jerk. It is so amazing how he can go from being so stupid to heartbreaking raw emotion in a matter of seconds. This is the genius of Steve Carrell.

Kevin and Dwight cheering for the fireworks

Pam and Jim in the moments leading up to the almost proposal - so beautiful!

Andy's proposal... If I hadn't been so crushed over Jim's missed opportunity. What were Andy's parents doing there, by the way?

Kelly to Angela: "Can I be a bridesmaid?" Angela: "No."

Dwight: "Well, it's my own fault." This broke my heart... Rainn Wilson did an awesome job of acting in this short little scene. So many emotions were running wild at this point. This is why I LOVE "The Office."

Andy to Jim: "Tuna, I'm engaged... Mr. Andrew Bernard... it's got a nice ring to it."

Michael's watch alarm going off on Toby's arm.

Angela and Dwight's indiscretion was a shocking ending to a fabulous show!!!

Now, for the sad part. The writers have built up Jim's proposal to Pam for over a month, and for those of us who are as emotionally involved with this couple as I am, we needed it... It didn't happen. The stage was perfectly set and they were both ready when Jim's plans were foiled by Andy proposing to Angela. I was NOT expecting that at all. The frustration on Jim's face paired with the painful, little sigh as he slipped the ring back in his pocket were almost too hard to watch. I just hope the writers are planning for them to already be engaged when they return next season - like maybe it happened that night after the party for Toby. After all this time of watching these two try to get together, we loyal fans deserve this, right? Can't wait until September!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008