Thursday, April 23, 2009

Super Bulldog Weekend 2009

It is always so great to go back to MSU! Feels like going home... We were lucky enough to get to spend last Saturday in Bulldog Country for the baseball game and the Spring football game. We caught up with some good friends and topped the day off with dinner at Oby's. YUM!

JC loved the inflatables they had set up behind the bleachers.
I love my Lynn!JC and Lynn's daughter, Sophie! What a cutie pie!!!
Some of the Sullivan's gang - minus a few. Philip, his daughter Caroline, Lynn, JC and I.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Random Robertson Updates

Easter weekend was full of blessings for our family! We started the weekend off with an Easter egg hunt/festival at our Church on Friday evening. JC found a lot of eggs and enjoyed the activities offered, such as pin the tail on the bunny, decorate your own cupcake, Easter egg ring-toss and an egg race. Saturday, Curtis and JC went golfing while I had lunch with one of my best firends, Lynn, and her family who came to visit. Later that afternoon, my parents came to Tupelo and we dyed our eggs and attended our Church's Easter Cantata and Drama presentation. It was EXCELLENT!!!!
Sunday morning, JC found his basket from the Easter bunny. He got the Red Power Ranger, a Superman Monster truck, some Whopper Robin's eggs, Tootsie Rolls and other candy -filled eggs!
We had pancakes and bacon and got ready to head South for church in Eupora. We enjoyed the service with family, which was filled with beautiful songs by the children, handbell choirs and the Chancel choir. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's house and spent most of the afternoon letting the children hide and hunt their eggs. (Easter Sunday pictures in the following post.) Then, we spent the later part of the afternoon visiting with Curtis' mom and Chuck! It was a great time!

As some of you know, Curtis was let go from Waste Management (due to downsizing) the end of January. I am happy to report that he returned to the world of work last Wednesday. He is now employed with Utility Management Association. They sell products to make your home more energy efficient. It is a local, family-owned company. Curtis really seems to be enjoying it so far. In this economy, we count ourselves very lucky that he was able to secure a new job in just over two months. Praise be to God!!!

JC is as energetic as ever! He is an active four-year-old who is enjoying the warmer weather by getting out and riding his bike as much as possible. I think we will be taking the training wheels off very soon! He is also really excited to be playing t-ball this spring. He has his first practice Thursday evening. I am sad because Curtis and I will be missing his first practice. Grammy is coming to Tupelo to take him, because Curtis and I will be at the Alan Jackson concert - Curtis' favorite singer!

The past couple of months have been extremely busy for me at Girl Scouts Heart of the South. I have a few more very busy weeks ahead, and then I hope it will slow down for a little while.

Don't you just love Spring? My irises are blooming, and JC and I just couldn't resist the photo opps!!! Have you ever seen any this marroon color??? They were not this color last year. I've read that their color is dependent on the acidity in the soil. I love that these bloomed marroon just in time for Super Bulldog Weekend!!!

Adorable Easter Children

He is risen! May all the world rejoice in the name of our risen Lord!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

New Moon

Ummm... ya'll, I seriously cannot wait until this movie comes out...