Thursday, April 23, 2009

Super Bulldog Weekend 2009

It is always so great to go back to MSU! Feels like going home... We were lucky enough to get to spend last Saturday in Bulldog Country for the baseball game and the Spring football game. We caught up with some good friends and topped the day off with dinner at Oby's. YUM!

JC loved the inflatables they had set up behind the bleachers.
I love my Lynn!JC and Lynn's daughter, Sophie! What a cutie pie!!!
Some of the Sullivan's gang - minus a few. Philip, his daughter Caroline, Lynn, JC and I.

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Bluebird Hill said...

Lori - SOOO good to hear from you! Looks like ya'll are having fun! Your little one is so cute! Yes, please link me - I'll do the same!