Friday, January 29, 2010

Catching Up

Oooh, I have been such a bad blogger lately. Sorry friends! Prompted by Colby for baby info, I thought I would update! :)

We are doing GREAT, just been super busy with work, a busy FIVE year old (YES, five!!!), and getting ready for our new baby girl to be born. As I write this, I am 33 weeks pregnant, and cannot believe she will be here in just 7 (or less) short weeks. She is due March 17, but I have had a feeling all along that she would be here earlier than that. We'll see!

Our baby girl's name will be Lucille Elizabeth, and we will call her Lucy! Both names are from my grandmothers - Lucille from my Dad's mother who passed away when I was six, and Elizabeth from my Mom's mother. We are happy to be giving her these names from two very special ladies!

Here are some recent belly pics.

25 weeks 32 weeks

As I have always heard was the case, we have been much more relaxed in preparation for Lucy than we were with JC. I had everything ready for JC's arrival by the time I was like 5 months pregnant, and at nearly 8 months pregnant with Lucy, I am sad to say that the nursery isn't even ready. In our defense, we weren't chasing a wild child around while preparing for JC. Ha! It will get done - I know it will. We pretty much have everything; it's just not set up and pretty yet. I will post pics when we get it done!

I am enjoying this stage of pregnancy, other than the fact that I feel huge... She is a very active baby and I love feeling her moving around. I wonder if this will be my last pregnancy? Curtis says "yes," but I am not sure. In any case, I am savoring these special moments while my baby girl is still safe inside. But, I sure can't wait to get her here!

JC is doing great! He still loves ECEC. His teacher, Mrs. Turner, is out on maternity leave. She had a sweet baby girl earlier this month. He really likes Mrs. Mathis, who is subbing while Mrs. Turner is out. Soccer will be starting back up soon and he can't wait. We just got him signed up for t-ball again this summer, and Curtis and our friend Gabe will be coaching their team. That should be a lot of fun!!! Here is a pic of JC blowing out his #5 candle (still cannot believe my baby is 5) at his birthday party.

For Curtis' birthday, JC and I decided to adopt a puppy from the Animal Shelter. I had every intention of getting an older dog to befriend our 4 year old Daisy, but this little fella just stole our hearts. Meet Smokey Robertson!!!

Smokey is a 3 month old Black Lab / Retriever mix. He is precious and as playful as he can be!!! I know he is going to get huge, but there was just something about him we couldn't resist. After showing him who was the boss of this yard, Daisy adopted her new little brother and they are best friends. Smokey likes to chew on everything, and his favorite thing seems to be Daisy's tale. She tolerates it for a minute and then gives him a little growl and he leaves her alone for a while. They are so CUTE!!!

Curtis is doing well! He cannot wait to be a Daddy to a little girl, although he is scared to death! Ha! He is a great Dad, and I know she will have him wrapped around her fat little finger! I didn't want to leave Curtis out of this post, so here is a picture of us from this year's Egg Bowl (Yay Bulldogs!!!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 Things

Cristina tagged me, so here goes!!!

Five Things
Instructions: Answer 5 questions with 5 answers, Tag 5 other bloggers


1. Where were you 10 years ago?
--Starkville, MS sharing an apartment with my bestie, Teresa
--Attending MSU, majoring in Communication
--Planning my wedding to Curtis
--Working at Sullivan's Office Supply
--Blissfully happy, not realizing how lucky I was NOT to be in the "real world" yet.

2. What is on your TO DO list for today?
--Complete Girl Scout volunteer newsletter (DONE)
--Complete time sheets and schedules for work (DONE)
--Cook dinner (DONE)
--Update blog (Working on it)
--Read and go to bed (Soon)

3. What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
--Chips and salsa
--Special K (the milk has been so soothing for my heartburn. I don't think eating a bowl every night before going to bed is part of their diet plan. ha!)
--Lemon pie
--Snickers bars

4. Where are 5 places you have lived?
--Our home in Tupelo, MS
--Apartment in Tupelo, MS
--Apartment in Starkville, MS
--Rice Hall at MS State
--Childhood home in Eupora, MS

5. Name 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire.
--Pay off all our debt
--Complete college funds for JC and Lucy
--Help friends and family get out of debt
--Build a beautiful home in the country, but close enough to town so I could still get whatever I need whenever I need it
--Give to our church

I am not specifically tagging anyone, but I would love to read any of your 5 Things! It was kind of fun!