Monday, August 25, 2008

Snake Slayer

A couple of weekends ago Curtis and I were working in the yard. JC and I were pulling weeds in the front yard while Curtis was weed eating around the pool in the back yard. Curtis walked around to join us in the yard and I noticed he was holding something up. Ya'll, it was a snake... a very tiny one... but a snake nonetheless. It was probably about 4 inches long. We looked at if for a few minutes and then Curtis disposed of it and we all went back to our business.

About ten minutes later he came back and asked me if he could borrow my hoe. "Wow," I thought to myself, "he is really doing some serious work back there." Minutes later, he returned with another snake (the same kind as before) but longer - about 9 inches. He had used my hoe to chop its head off and was carrying it on the blade. Nice. At this time I began to FREAK OUT!!! Two snakes in one day?! After we had recuperated from heart palpitations we each went back to our respective tasks.

When he came back with two more snakes on the hoe (around 8-10" each) I jumped up and wondered if I was safe sitting on the walk in our front yard. Apparently he had disturbed a bed of snakes that had taken up residence around our pool. He killed a total of six that day - all babies, all quite small... but snakes, ya'll... SNAKES!!!

I am not sure what kind they are... People have said they are harmless, and I know that none of the ones we saw were even big enough to think of biting us, but isn't the mom somewhere around? Have any of you had problems with snakes before? Any suggestions? Our lot is right in front of a city drainage ditch and I am sure that is why we are having these problems, but I do not know how much more my poor heart can take.

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Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

oh no! that is just awful. maybe you should check the sharper image. i heard that they have gaydar, so maybe they have an anti snake spray too... hold on i'll check for you.........
ah. sold out. sorry.