Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Donut Junkie

Hi, my name is JC and I have an addiction. You've all tasted them... you all love them. Whatever you call them - powdered donuts, donettes, little gems, minis - you know what I am talking about...

Well, they have taken over my son's life. And it is all my fault. Why, you might ask. Well, here is how this addiction began. I loved these as a kid, so several months ago while grocery shopping, I spotted a bag and felt that mouth-water you get when you are craving something as sweet as our little gems. So, I casually tossed a bag into my cart. Little did I know how much I would regret it. Since I had loved them as a kid, naturally I wanted JC to have a little taste. BIG mistake. He wants them all the time. Snacks, breakfast, dinner... it doesn't matter. To him, donuts are the perfect choice.

This is how bad it has gotten... First, my parents realized he loved them and being the loving grandparents that they are, decided to have some on hand at their house to pacify our little addict's cravings when they hit. Second, we visited my friend Lynn and her new baby, Sophie, in the hospital after she was born and he spotted a bag in the hospital room. My usually shy-around-strangers child was not above asking for donuts. Then, I find out that he had eaten almost a full bag of the little donuts at a softball game he and Curtis had been to with some Eupora folks while I was in Tupelo on Girl Scout business not too long ago. Horrifying!

EVERY TIME we go in Wal-Mart or any grocery store he says, "I think we need to get some donuts." I have started changing the subject or just ignoring him when he mentions it, but the little booger is persistent. He wants them all the time... it is like they have overtaken his senses.

I am weaning him off of them, gradually. It is hard. Like this morning, I bribed him with one to get him out of bed so I wouldn't be late for work. (I know none of you other moms use bribery with your children, right?) Then, he freaked out because I only gave him one. "I wanted three donuts," he cried. But, I held my own.

I know I started this, and I will have to be the one to finish it. I know this has been a light-hearted post, but I can read the nutrition facts. I realize that those donuts are serious junk-food and that this must stop.

Mothers beware... do not give these to your children.

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Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

i call them cocaine donuts. seriously. they are dangerous.