Sunday, October 19, 2008

EHS Class of 98/99 10-year reunion

What a GREAT time we had at our 10-year class reunion this past weekend! It all started Friday night with the Eupora v. Ackerman game at Scott Field, and the Eagles won!

Saturday morning, classmates from the EHS Classes of 1998 and 1999 met on the porch at the school for a tour.

We enjoyed taking pictures on the porch outside the old office of the school - a place where we often congregated and hung out between classes and after school.

Curtis with Jason and Andy.

We enjoyed walking the halls of the old EHS!!! We spent a lot of time in the auditorium where several of our classmates found their names written or scratched into the wood of the old fold-up seats. Next, we visited the old Chemistry lab where many of our dreaded high school science classes took place. It has been converted into a beautiful conference room with cushy furnishings. The School Board meets in the old High School now. Another highlight of the tour was seeing our class composite hanging on the wall!
Curtis thought it would be fun to put JC in a locker. JC wasn't so sure about it.
After the school tour, we took our families to White's Creek Lake in Eupora for a picnic. I had taken some of my old yearbooks out there and we all had a good time looking at old pictures and re-living our days at EHS!
Friends at the playground at the lake.
The Robertsons
Me with my sweet friends, Stephanie and Holli!

The children of our classmates. Don't we have some cute children!!!

Later that evening, we all met for dinner at The Veranda in Starkville. It was a great time to catch up with old friends!

Curtis and I

Steven, Julia and I

The Robertsons and Murphys

Us with the Coslets

Julia and I

After dinner, we moved the party to a club in Starkville. It was fun to party with our old friends. We even got the DJ to play some of our old 90s music from back in the day! It was a blast!

Odie, Stephanie, Holli and I on the dance floor. LOL

I am thrilled with how the reunion turned out. Putting it together caused Kimberly and I a lot of stress, but it the end it was definitely worth it. I look forward to seeing all of these guys again in a few years, as long as someone else plans it. Ha!

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