Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last week I was sitting in the surgery center lobby while my niece Ella Clare had her tonsillectomy, and I picked up a copy of Family Fun. While looking through I found an AWESOME project called the FOAMerator. I decided to try it with JC, and ya'll - SO MUCH FUN!

Moms - make this today using stuff you have lying around the house.

Here is what you do. Take a clean plastic water bottle or 20 oz. coke bottle and cut the bottom off about halfway up the bottle. Cut about a 6" square off of a towel or bath cloth. (I used a clean dust rag, because who wants to cut up a good towel or bath cloth?) Dampen the cloth and wrap it around the cut end of your bottle and secure with a rubber band. (A ponytail holder did the trick for me when I couldn't find a rubber band.) Coat the bottom of a shallow dish with dish soap. Dip the dampened cloth part of your FOAMerator in and coat with dish soap. Pull it out and blow gently through the small part of the bottle to create your foam. Blow slowly to create a LONG snake-like foam or do quick puffs to create small balls of foam.

I was able to get about a 5 foot snake of foam before it broke off but unfortunately we did not get a picture.

As you can see, JC and I had a BLAST with this!!!

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Colby and Daniel said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!!