Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Olive Garden Breadsticks

Whaddup Bloggers?! Some of you may have heard that my last day at work is June 3rd, and I will become a STAY-HOME-MOMMY.   I am mucho excited!!!  This is truly a blessing from God, and is only possible through Him!  I have all of these awesome plans for my house - sewing, cooking, turning my children into tiny geniuses, etc.  I cannot wait to begin!

I fully expect that going from full-time working-Momma to Domestic Diva will come with its share of challenges and will lead to a lot of funny.  I hope to squeeze in the time to blog a little along the way about the new journey we are taking as a family.
Going from two incomes to one is going to be the biggest challenge, without a doubt, so one of the things we are going to cut out cut way down on is eating out. I love to cook and my family loves to eat - well, two of them do... We are going to work on JC this summer.  Tonight I made one of JC's favorites - spaghetti - in celebration of his last day of kindergarten.  As a special treat, he and I made "Homemade Olive Garden breadsticks." I found the recipe on a darling little blog called Full Bellies, Happy Kids.   These turned out really yummy, but here are a few tips from my experience.
  • Even if your boy decides at the last minute when you have the dough at the perfect consistency that he wants to help after all, DO NOT OVER-KNEAD THE DOUGH. Instead of light and airy you get very dense breadsticks.
  • No matter how hungry your family is.  Even if the baby has started nawing on Daddy's big toe, DON'T SKIMP ON THE RISING TIME. 45 minutes minimum.
  • USE LESS SALT THAN THE RECIPE CALLS FOR.  For the buttery, garlicy salty topping, the recipe calls for 2 tsp of salt.  I used maybe 1 1/2 and it was still too salty.

These little guys were good! Ya'll enjoy!

Check back soon for more adventures with the Robertsons!

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Natalie Wilson said...

Ok, so I'm gonna love followin' your blog! Yea! How cute is the breadstick idea...I actually thought you were being funny and bought Olive Garden Breadsticks and called them 'homemade'. LOL! Well...probably because that is what I would do. :-) So excited about your new journey of doing exactly what God wills for you. Not a more greater calling!

I love you always. :-)