Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Folks, we've got ourselves a competition

Yes, Seacrest, we certainly do! BTW, why doesn't Ryan say "Seacrest - out" anymore???

I know this is my first AI blog of the season, but I just couldn't resist after the awesomeness that I saw last night. I don't think I have ever voted for so many contestants before. There is not a one of them that I just terribly dislike this season, and several of them that I LOVE.

Michael - He has been Curtis' pick from the start, although I am not sure he will make it into the finals after last night's performance. He said Country music was all about having fun, and that was obviously what he did with the Garth song. But, in my opinion he didn't really pull it off. I like him better with a ballad. I sent him a few votes just because Curt likes him so much and I would like to see him stick around a while longer.

Allison - That girl can sing! Loved her song... Was that a flower in her hair or was it a nest made of her hair? I didn't like it. I didn't vote for her, but I think she will make it through on this performance.

Kris - This was the first time I have liked him. Another Garth song, but this time it was a winner!!! I loved this song on "Hope Floats," and I loved Kris' version just as much! I didn't vote because as I said, this was the first time I have liked him at all. I think he will make it through. After all, the judges say he is "popular with the ladies."

Lil - Poor Lil... Country just didn't suit her at all. I thought it was so cute when she said the only Country songs she had ever heard were the ones from movies. She had a hard time deciding on a song, but ultimately I think she chose a song that spoke to her and she should be applauded for that. I thought she sounded great (as always) when she got into the chorus. And why did Simon keep calling her "Little"??? I thought that was SO DISRESPECTFUL! He has never had a problem with her name before, and now all of a sudden he doesn't like her performance so he is going to screw with her name. I assume that Lil is short for Lily or Lillian. C'mon Simon, grow up.

Adam - Let me just say that Curtis (the biggest Johnny Cash fan ever) HATED this performance. I didn't love it, but I think Adam is a great entertainer. They want you to take the songs and put your own spin on them, and he certainly did. The whole thing was a little Marilyn Mansonish for my taste, but there is a market for that kind of thing. The way he holds on to eye contact with the camera for so long makes me a little uncomfortable though. Does this bug anyone else?

Scott - OK... at first, I thought Idol was trying to make everyone fall in love with Scott because of his disability, and I was determined not to jump on the bandwagon, but ya'll, I REALLY LIKE HIM!!! He has so much emotion when he is sitting at that piano, and his talent (blind or not) is nothing short of amazing. His vocals are not always that awesome, but they are always so heartfelt that I just come away loving whatever he does. Many votes for Scott last night!

Alexis - She really does look a little like Dolly Parton. When she said she was singing "Jolene," I thought it would be perfect. But the arrangement was weird for me even though I still thought she sang well. I thought the judges were way to hard on her and I felt bad for her every time they camera zoomed in on her face. I sent several votes her way, because she is my favorite girl, and while it is quite apparent to me that the finale will come down to the guys, I would like to keep a girl in the running as long as possible, just to mix it up a little bit.

Danny - Boomama, I think you are right. That was a "members only" jacket... Danny had me worried for a minute there. I didn't like his "look" for the evening. The song started and the verses were very blah... I was getting nervous and then the chorus came and WOW!!! He sounded awesome when he just let loose and sang! He has been a favorite of mine since the beginning. Many votes.

Anoop - Gosh, what can I say? I was worried Anoop would have gone home after his performance last week, so I was so happy he did so well!!! What a cutie patootie he is. I loved his version of Willie Nelson's classic. Anoop is another one of my early favorites! Voted for him too.

Megan Joy - Hmmm... not really a fan. Props to her for singing through her sickness though.
Matt - BEST OF THE NIGHT! What else can I say? I love Matt. He is so Justin Timberlakeish, but he seems so humble too. I thought his performance was so great I went rewound it and watched it a second time! (I never do that.) My favorite of the season for sure!!!

So, I am going out on a limb here to predict the finale. I know it is early, but I think it will come down to Adam and Matt. (I think Danny and Lil, and possible Scott will last a long time too.) I know the finale is way off, but I think I predicted that it would come down to "the war of the Davids" pretty early last season, so I am just putting it out there. What do you think?

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