Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New toys

Last weekend, JC used his allowance to buy a Batman suit that he has been wanting for a while.  We started the allowance thing with him about 6 weeks ago.  The first two weeks he spent his $5 immediately on the first thing (or various small, crappy things) he could find.  Then Curtis and I talked to him a little bit about saving.  We asked him if there was something he really wanted that he could save his money for:  BATMAN suit!!!  He has been wanting one since right after Halloween last year, and we kept saying he had to wait until Halloween time, because let's face it - you can't really find a Batman suit at The Wal any'ole time of the year!So, we looked on-line and found the one he wanted, and he begged every single minute of the day to go and get it.  Finally this weekend, we went and he bought his beloved Batman suit!  The plan is that he will be Batman, and Lucy will be Baby Batgirl for Halloween.  (I have great plans for her costume.  I hope it comes together like I am envisioning it!)

Yay for JC learning a little bit about saving money and for him shutting up about finally getting his Batman suit! :)  I love that little fella!
I am Batman!
While JC and I were at The Wal getting his suit, we decided to spend the last of Lucy's baby gift cards to buy the bouncing activity station that Curtis and I have been eyeing for a couple of months.  We put it together, and let me just say - the child LURVES it!!!  She has had the best time in it!!!
Ooooh, this is fun stuff! Don't you agree, Batman?!
I love these kiddos, and Curtis and I feel so blessed to be their Mommy and Daddy!!!

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lynn said...

i love your crossed out subliminal comments :) BATMAN is awesome!!!!