Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol

For the most part, I am enjoying American Idol this season. It is something to look forward to on TV while none of my other shows are on... not much longer though. "The Office" will be back April 10. Yeah!!! My favorites on Idol this season are:

David Cook

Michael Johns

David Archuleta

The girls are OK, but eh... I like the guys. The only girl I really like so far is Carly. My favorite Idol, however is showcased in the videos that follow. Please notice the Tinkertoy mic stand and guitar. Sorry these are a little dark. I am still learning the nuances of my new camera.

Beside the guitar malfunctions, don't you agree he's the best? Not sure what that Zoom Zoom song was. I think he was making it up as he went. :)

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harrisonfarms said...

Look out Simon Crowell. Here comes a future American Idol, for sure. Love the set props. And I thought the song choices were just perfect, JC.
Love ya, Gammy and Papaw