Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Thank God for letting me get on the fire truck."

I just wanted to share a sweet story about my sweet boy with you.

JC's first week in the three-year-old room at daycare was awesome. They were doing a unit on jobs and the class was visited by people from different professions throughout the week. His favorite was not the dentist or the policeman, but the FIREMAN! The fireman brought fire hats for everyone, junior fireman badges (stickers) and a coloring book on fire safety (Yes folks, JC knows all about "Stop, drop and roll."). But, the best part by far was that all of the three-year-olds got to get on the firetruck. It was AWESOME! All he could talk about for two weeks.

Now, every night after we say his prayers, "Now I lay me down to sleep," I ask him if he has anything special to pray for, and almost every night he answers, "Thank God for letting me get on the fire truck."

How sweet is that? Couldn't you just eat him up?


Colby and Daniel said...

JC is darling. Glad you have joined all the bloggers. It is a great way to keep up w/ everyone. I am happy to hear that Curtis is getting better and I hope everything will be fixed soon.

laurajeanette said...

That is too cute!

laurajeanette said...

Thanks Lori. I hate that Danny got voted off tonight. He was too cute.