Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joining the blogging world

The Robertsons have joined the blogging world. This way we can share thoughts, updates, photos and videos (if I can figure out how) all in one convenient spot. Enjoy!

I have gotten pretty addicted to looking at the blogs of folks I do not even know; so strangers, if you are reading this, hello!

This picture was taken Valentine's Day. It is one of the first family shots in a while. Somehow we made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and all three birthdays without a picture of all three of us. So, I am pretty proud we got this one.

The Saturday after Valentine's Day we were sitting down to breakfast when the mailman delivered a package to our door. It was from my dear best friend, Teresa in Delaware. It was a beautiful frame that had "Faith, hope, love" etched into it. I was so happy I had a recent picture for it. JC and I ran to Wal-mart that afternoon and printed this picture in sepia tone for the frame. Thanks, Teresa! It looks great! Love you!

For those of you keeping up with Curtis' health issues, he is going for his second sleep study tonight. They will hook him up to the CPAP machine to see if it helps. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for him. The everyday headaches have subsided some, and he has only had two bad ones in the last couple of weeks. The Lord has blessed us. We continue to look for ways to ease the migraines.

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