Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am back...

OK, so I have been back all week, but this is my first chance to post. I came back to work on Monday but have been really busy all week.

Curtis' surgery went fine. He had very little pain in his nose but was sore most of the week throughout the rest of his body. A nurse told us that his body probably fought the anesthesia and remained tense for the duration of the surgery causing him to be very sore afterwards. He said it felt like he had a broken ribs. (No, I promise I did not beat him up while he was out.) But that passed and we were able to spend 4th of July with my family like we always do. Then, he JC and I went golfing on Saturday which was a lot of fun. Let me clarify that... He and JC golfed and I rode in the golf cart. We probably should have just done 9 holes as he was feeling pretty crummy by the end of 18. He might have overdone it a little bit less than one week out from surgery.

I hope to be updating some more today and tomorrow. I have lots of new pictures I want to share. I just need to make the time to upload them and blog.

I have been checking the blogs of friends and it looks like everyone is having a great summer! Hope you all are doing well!

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