Wednesday, January 21, 2009

16 Things About Lori

My friend, Amy Crabb, tagged me to write 16 random facts about myself. This was a little hard for me because: 1 - I don't find myself to be very interesting, and 2 - I never talk about myself - my son is a different story. But, here goes...

16 things:

1. I met my husband in 4th grade. We were best friends and began dating in 11th grade after our church's youth ski trip!

2. I can kill HOURS on-line... Facebook, reading message boards, stalking people via their blogs - you name it...

3. I am a huge dork... Any of my friends can tell you this... I am generally awkward and goobish, but the older I get the more I embrace my dorkiness!!!

4. I love the mob.

5. I am not a good dancer at all, but I do love those rare opportunities to get on the dance floor with a group of friends.

6. I love scrapbooking!!!

7. I recently developed a love for video games. I am a pro at Wii Bowling and I LOVE Guitar Hero.

8. I hate cleaning... My house is proof...

9. I love to cook, but with my time-demanding job, I seldom get the chance.

10. I love a variety of tv shows: The Office, Girls Next Door, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Private Practice, Friday Night Lights

11. I always thought I would have had all my children by the time I was 30. Now, at 29, I am not sure...

12. The serial killer mind fascinates me... I like to watch all of those specials about killers on A&E. And, I love Dexter - I think I mentioned that... I know I am strange...

13. I am not a social butterfly. I am generally uncomfortable in large crowds and would much rather be home with my guys.

14. I was born in Eupora, MS and lived in the same house until going to college at the age of 18. I was very, very homesick. Thank goodness MSU is only 30 minutes from home.

15. I was very musical in high school - sang in the choir and sextet and played in the band. I still love to sing and have been thinking about joining the choir at my church.

16. I can get lost quicker than anyone you've ever met. I am not good at reading maps and I usually tell Curtis to go the wrong way when I am navigating. This is not a good trait since my job requires me to drive to a lot of small towns you've never heard of. I get lost a lot!

If you read this, consider yourself tagged!!! I would love to know more about any of you...

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