Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you Twit?

On Twitter, I mean. As if Myspace, Facebook and this blog were not enough... I signed up for Twitter yesterday. It was cool because the first person I saw there was my bother (AccountingDawg - btw: cute and creative name, Brad!!!). Apparently he keeps us with MSU Athletics via Twitter. Neat.

So, now, as you can see I have my Twitter updates posted in the upper right corner of my blog so the whole blogosphere can see my random babbling. Lucky you!!!

If you are on Twitter, please let me know so that I can "follow" you and read your random babbling too. Or, if you need something else to keep you from doing the work you need to be doing, go ahead and sign up for it and "follow" me (loriandcurtis).

Enjoy wasting time with me!!!

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