Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have you ordered your Girl Scout cookies yet???

Because if not, we can totally hook you up...No really, we have plenty... And I bet, we even have your favorite... Caramel deLites? Shortbread? Thin Mints, anyone? Perhaps you would like to try our new figure friendly Daisy Go Rounds in 100 calorie packages.
You will not believe how many cookies this leader got into her minivan... Go ahead, try to guess...

Give up? 183 cases with 12 boxes of cookies per case. Now, that's A LOT of cookies. She was determined to get them all in there, and with careful stacking and packing, we did just that. I think she even drove home with a few boxes in her lap. That's hardcore, people. Here at Girl Scouts we don't mess around. Ha!

You go girl!!!

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