Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Easter Family Photo

Aunt Bev and Chas hosted the whole family for Easter lunch, dyeing eggs and an Easter egg hunt. After the egg hunt I convinced everyone to pose for a family picture.

These pictures makes me laugh... I wanted to badly to get a good shot of everyone, yet you can tell it didn't really happen... Ha Ha!

It was a funny scene really. They kids were all way past nap time, so they didn't want to cooperate. Many of the adults were disinterested and ready to go inside(mainly the men), and I was fussy because I was trying to get the perfect picture. You may be wondering why I am in such an awkward pose in the second photo. I had just ran to catch JC and jumped back into the picture right before the camera's self-timer went off. Gotta love it!!!

This is all of us, minus Lee, who was probably at the beach somewhere. :) He would have gotten a kick out of this whole scene too, I bet!

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