Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why I love "The Office"

A short list of why I love "The office"
Jim and Pam’s pranks
Michael’s cell phone ring tones. For example: Mambo #5, My hump

Michaels man-crush on Ryan

Kevin’s bands – Scrantonicity and Scrantonicity II

Jim’s expressions

"That’s what she said!" (especially when Jan used it...)

Dunder Mifflin jingles composed by Darryl, Kelly, Kevin, Andy and Creed – LOVED THESE!!!

“Islands in the Stream” performed by Michael and Jim at Jim’s BBQ.

Roy’s mug shot

Mose Shrute

Jim and Pam – JAM

Andy Bernard of the group “Here Comes Treble,” has the best falsetto of anyone I’ve ever heard!
Pam’s Beach Speech

Michael’s disdain for Toby. What is that all about anyway?

Michaels admiration of Darryl – he wants to be just like him… it is zoppity!
The Dundies

“Ryan started the fire,” sung by Dwight Shrute

At the end of the day, Michael Scott really is a good businessman.

The bet on how long Kelly could ramble about Netflix and Ryan kissing her on the forehead after he won the bet.

Michael accidentally cross dressed

“The Injury” - the entire episode… the one where Michael George Forman grills his foot and Dwight gets a concussion trying to go save them. Michael, Jim and Dwight in a vehicle together always proves to be comedic genius.

Jan and Michael David Wallace – love him!

Dwight and Angela – Dwangela Stanley’s love for Pretzel Day

Creed – enough said…
Jim in Madge’s warehouse shirt and a moustache

Michaels love for Wikipedia

Michael’s Dunder Mifflin ad – it was really good!

There are SO MANY MORE... this is just my short list!
"The Office" returns Thursday night at 8PM! Can't wait!


Colby and Daniel said...

We love it too!! Your post made me laugh out loud!

Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

yay! hooray for the return of the office!!