Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh, Dolly!

Here is my Idol wrap-up from last night!

First off, I love me some Dolly!!! She is adorable! I think Idol made a great choice in picking her to be the first mentor. I thought her comments about each of the performers were so nice and thoughtful. She just seems like the nicest person ever.

I thought it was a great night for almost ALL of the remaining idols.

Brooke was a natural with the guitar singing "Jolene." I agree with my friend Laura, who says she smiled too much for that song, but I thought it sounded nice.

David Cook was AWESOME - as always! I cannot get enough of this guy! I will definitely buy his album when it comes out. You can hear some of his original music on his website. Also, have any of you noticed his orange bracelet he has been wearing the last couple of weeks? This video gives the story behind the bracelet; very heartwarming! So, not only is David a great singer, but he also seems to be a really nice person! From my previous post you may have seen that reports say David is suffering from high BP due to stress. Apparently his brother has cancer and has recently taken a turn for the worse. It must be really hard to be away from his family at such a hard time, but it just shows his dedication to his craft. Good luck to David and his family!

Ramiele is so cute and spunky, but I just don't think she is that good of a singer... "sorry," in flippant Simon tone.

Jason Castro is JC's favorite because he sang "the song from Shrek." I like him too and thought last night was one of his best performances in a while.

Carly was great! I LOVE that Dolly song, and I liked her slower, more emotional version of it. Simon's comment about her clothes was just mean-spirited... I think the finale will be Carly and David Cook.

David A. is back! I worried about him for a few weeks there, but I liked last night's performance a lot!

I thought Syesha's mix of Dolly and Whitney's "versions of "I will always love you" was pretty good! Overall the judges didn't really agree... I think she thought it was AWESOME, so her let-down at the judges comments was hard to watch.

Michael Johns is so cool. I liked his bluesy little number! He can do lots of different styles well. Dolly really liked him!!!

Ha- Ha- Ha! i just realized I skipped completely over KLC. Folks, even though you know how I feel about her, this was not intentional at all. I guess it just goes to show that Simon is right when he says certain performances are forgettable... Why is it when we saw Brooke barefoot I thought it was endearing, but KLC's bare feet made me squeamish... She just gets on my nerves... Not her worst performance, but not that great either. I love "Coat of many colors," and she did not do it justice... sorry.

Predicting the bottom three: KLC, Ramiele and Syesha

Who should go home: KLC, obviously - although I won't get my hopes up this time...

Awkward moments of the evening:
  • Ryan's / FOX's April Fools prank
  • Brooke complimenting Paula on her hair - I am sure this was sincere on Brooke's part, but it came across as sucking up...
  • Simon dissing Carly's wardrobe
  • Carly's face after Simon dissed her wardrobe
  • KLC saying she was would rather make Dolly proud than her mom
  • Ryan commenting KLC on her French pedicure... Really Ryan!?
  • KLC sarcastically saying "Love you Simon" and blowing a kiss his way
  • Syesha's face when she realized the judges were not impressed by the note she held out for 20 minutes...

All in all a good night on Idol. I am looking forward to the results tonight. I won't hold my breath for KLC to go home... sadly, it may be cute, little Ramiele this week.


laurajeanette said...

I'm so sad sweet little Ramiele went home. She can sing. She's just too shy and unsure of herself.

And I love that David Cook story. That makes me like him even more. Although I would love to see him win, it might be better for him to go the way of Chris Daughtry and be cut unexpectedly. AI might not be the right vehicle for him.

Archuleta might be the one to have the most benefit from winning AI. He's the type.

Oh, and I LOVE Dolly.

Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

don't worry. i bet klc is next.

also, i cannot WAIT for the office to come back!!!