Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol's "Music of the Night" and OMG - Jim has a ring for Pam!!!!!

I've said it once and I will say it again... I love show tunes! Maybe it is from my days of show choir and sextet numbers at EHS, or maybe it stems from the live performance of CATS I was able to see at the Orpheum several years ago... Whatever, I love them... and I LOVED Idol last night! Well, for the most part.

First of all, let say how much I missed KLC last night... not. No, in all seriousness, KLC had gotten a lot better - notice I hadn't hate-blogged about her in a while? Her last two performances were really good. I just think the earlier part of the season (when she sucked) finally caught up with her.

OK, last night... I thought Syesha was really good. The sexy, red dress, the sleek hair, the dancing around... it all made for a great Broadway-styled number. Obviously she will not win Idol, and may not even get a record deal, but I could definitely see her performing on Broadway!

Jason Castro... I cracked up when Andrew Lloyd Webber was talking with him, especially when he said he never imagined a man with dreadlocks singing this song. Priceless! You could tell Jason was totally out of his element. I wish he hadn't admitted he didn't know "Memory" was from CATS. I am not surprised (at all), but he didn't have to tell the world. Performance was weak, weak, weak, but I am not mad at him. He is still a beautiful boy. I think he will probably make it through because of the number of votes he got from Curtis last night... He is still his favorite... One last though, I think it is so funny how every man on the show (even Randy now) has a man-crush on him.

Brooke... I have gotten tired of Brooke. I LOVE the song, "You must love me," but no one will ever sing it as well as Madonna in my book. It bugged me that ALW had to tell her how sad of a song it was so she wouldn't just stand there and smile all night. When she stopped her song and started over I told Curtis they would never give her a second do-over this season... Paula called her on it, and I was glad.

Little David... I am about tired of him too... Glad ALW told him to stop closing his eyes, but he should have also mentioned the lip-licking and heavy nose-breathing. Also, "Think of Me" is SUCH a beautiful song as it was arranged by ALW... Why mess with perfection? I didn't like his arrangement. Obviously, he is totally safe though.

Carly... Loved her look last night!!!! I love it anytime he wears a shirt that covers her huge arm tattoo friend. It distracts me. I liked her performance too... Although, that is not one my favorite tunes, I though she did great!!!

David Cook... I had to blink back the tears. I love this guy!!! He has shown us another side of his awesomeness. Curtis didn't like the note he added on the end, but I thought this was his one way of putting the DC twist on a beautiful song. I think it was VERY WISE of him not to mess with ALW's arrangement. It was sheer perfection. I don't think there is any beating this boy now.

Who is going home? Brooke - sorry...

Best of the night? Duh... I love you David Cook!

And... "How have we not already talked about this?" Jim has a ring for Pam... And he has had it since a week after they started dating!!! Wow. The last few episodes of "The Office" this season will not disappoint.

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Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

can you BELIEVE carly went home over brooke last night?? i was in shock.